The Complete Guide On How To Use Green Screen

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By Olivia
Last updated: October 27, 2021
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The Complete Guide On How To Use Green Screen

Is your company trying to put together an online video for promotion? Or maybe you are interested in creating the next viral meme? What is a green screen, and how does it work? This blog post will give you an overview of how to use green screens effectively.

Also, to get the best results from your video campaign, use an Online Video Editor to create exciting content.

What Is A Green Screen?

Green screens are the standard way of creating videos by projecting an image onto a blank background. They allow people to use any footage or images they want without having to stage it in real life. It effectively allows anyone with access to edit videos for their purposes.

While green screens are relatively usable and can be used to create some interesting and funny videos, you can also use them to make more serious content. The only thing you need to do is pick the content you would like to use and set it up accordingly.

The other significant part about using a green screen is that there are so many different options available.

Key To A Great Green Screen Setup:


The backdrop you choose for your green screen may be an essential part of your green screen setup. Consider what things will look best on it and make sure they are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure your backdrop is sturdy and doesn't pose a fire hazard. You will want to make sure that it screens out any light from the windows in your location. Sunlight can be detrimental if it projects onto the green screen from directly above.

Chroma Key Paint

You can use chroma essential paint to define what you want in your video. It dramatically simplifies the process of green screen editing. It depicts a color cast on one area or around an entire scene.

Use A Big Screen

The bigger the screen, the easier it is to see mistakes with your green screen setup. You want to make sure that the image you are showing on it is at least as big as your frame and that you can't see any chroma essential paint in the footage you use for your video. You can get the best green screens by shopping through EMART coupons.

Lighting and Shadow

Apart from a good online video editor, you will need to properly light your green screen with a lighting kit or possibly even a reflector if needed. Make sure that you don't cast any shadows on the background when filming, and take care not to cast shadows on yourself while filming yourself. Some of these effects can be fixed in editing, but it is much more difficult to happen in real-time.

Camera Angle

When shooting your green screen, make sure that you are filming yourself at the correct camera angle. If it is not, then your footage will look off the frame.

Use A Composition Tool

You should use some kind of composition tool to make sure your shot won't look too cluttered with things on it. The composition tool will allow you to make sure that the corners of the frame aren't cluttered or have too many objects on screen at once, making some hard to see.

Know Your Scene

You should know what you are filming; if you are filming something that requires action, it may be easier to use a green screen instead of editing someone into an existing background. If your scene requires no movement, you can save time by adding your own to make it look like it is happening.

Use The Proper Online Video Editor

With all the different offline and online video editors available today for editing videos, there isn't one that is the best option; however, some are better suited for green screen work than others. Some may cost more money, while others may be free to use depending on what system you use.
An Online Video Editor is the best option if you're running on a strict budget.

Post Production Video Editing

Before you hit the upload button, make sure that you talk to your post-production department about any color correction that may be needed.

Some of these steps are basic, like software like chroma-keying; others like lighting and shadows require some kind of assistance from your post-production team, so make sure you check with them before filming.


There are many ways to green screen your video. However, its main purpose is to allow you to create a video that is burned in your viewers' memory. The more people see it, the more likely they are to share it with others. With so many other online video editors available today, the green screen no longer needs to be black and white. It can be used to create very interesting and compelling-looking videos for your business.