10 Ways To Stay Fit During Covid-19 Crisis

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By Olivia
Last updated: August 19, 2020
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The coronavirus has impacted the World a lot. Different countries around the World have suffered a lot due to COVID-19. The global economy has also fallen, and unemployment has gone to its peak.


Figure 1A visual guide to the economic impact due to corona
Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51706225

Countries have implemented social distancing policies to avoid the spread of corona. But still, the virus is affecting people on a large scale. There were 215,371 new cases of coronavirus worldwide reported on 17th August 2020. The total number of Covid-19 cases have reached approximately 21.7 million.

Due to social distancing and shutdown in different countries, employees are directed to work from home to reduce the transmission of this dangerous disease. Sitting at home is fun, but on the other hand, it is also not good for your health and may have a negative impact.

Since you sit on a chair or bed and work in front of a computer, so your body doesn’t have any movement causing different harmful diseases like back pain, cholesterol, eye strain, etc. You also can’t go to the gym for a workout.

Staying fit and keeping care of your health is the need of the hour.  Being active and doing different activities helps you stay fit and healthy. Staying fit will also help you to be more productive for your work.

If you can’t figure out a way to stay active during self-isolation, then you should follow these simple ways. These tips will help you stay fit and healthy.

1) Don’t Work Continuously:

Many employees are directed to work from home; some have time flexibility while others have to stay online for the whole time. If you have some time flexibility, then you should take regular intervals from your work, because working without breaks is not suitable for your health.

During these intervals, try to do different activities like walking, taking fresh air in the balcony, skipping, etc. Doing these activities will release stress from your mind also.

2) Stay Hydrated:

The primary source of human energy is water. Without the proper amount of water in the body, you cannot act/ work properly. Low water can cause skin issues, fatigue, bad breath, and several other diseases.

Therefore, either working from home or the office, you shall always take plenty of water. It is the source of mental freshness also. According to Science, you shall at least drink 4 litres of water every day. Also, if you don’t want to gain weight, you can squeeze in some lemon.

3) Make Stairs Your Friend:

Stairs can be a perfect friend of humans if used wisely. Stairs are a great way to boost your stamina, famous footballers like Ronaldo and Messi run on stadium stairs to boost their stamina. Therefore, sitting at home and running on the stairs helps you stay fit. Start slowly for 2-3 rounds each day and gradually increase it. You will feel the change in your stamina after some days.

4) Take Small Nap:

Regular work stresses you out, and you aren’t able to work effectively. Therefore, to work effectively, you shall take a small nap of 15 to 20 minutes between your work hours. It helps in reducing your stress and lowers down the eye strain, which is caused due to continuously looking at the laptop screen.

Taking a small nap also helps in reducing blood pressure and freshens up your mood. So, you shall put your mobile and laptop away from you for some time and close your eyes to make yourself relaxed.

5) Do Meditation:

During this Covid-19 pandemic, everyone requires peace to keep themselves fresh. Since going out is not allowed, so meditation is the best way to release your stress. Mediation is not a difficult task; you just have to take out some time, sit in a quiet room, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. You may face difficulties in the beginning, but this process will help you become stress-free.

6) Take Nutritious Foods:

Nutritious foods play an essential role in your health. These foods include Kool, Salmon, Garlic, Potatoes, Blueberries, etc. These nutritious fruits and green vegetables help your immune system to stay strong against the coronavirus.

7) Don’t Eat Outside Food:

The leading cause of bad health these days is outside food. Many employees reside outside their hometowns and eat outside food as they cannot cook for themselves. Eating outside food continuously has a harmful effect on your digestive system. 

Therefore, to stay fit and healthy, you shall not eat outside food and try to prepare the food yourself. If you are not a good cook, you shall take help from YouTube and other recipe sites.

8) Manage Your Routine:

While sitting at home, people sleep late at night and wake up late in the morning; this has a negative effect on both your physical and mental health. Sleeping late at night causes many diseases like fatigue, back pain, low blood, etc. Similarly, waking up late in the morning makes you feel tired throughout the whole day.

So, to stay healthy, you shall manage your routine and sleep and wake up on time. Waking up early also helps you to complete your work sooner. Taking an adequate amount of sleep helps you enjoy a healthy life and boost up your immune system.

9) Try To Do Workouts:

Gaining weight while sitting at home is the most important concern of many people. Eating, sleeping, and sitting in front of the computer is a major cause of weight gain. If you don’t want to gain weight, then you shall do some basic exercises like pushups, chin-ups, jumping, skipping ropes, etc.

Doing these basic exercises will help you lose some pounds.

10) Stay Positive:

The best way to stay fit physically and mentally is by staying positive. These coronavirus days are putting a negative impact on everybody’s mind. People are in panic and full distress due to which they are falling sick.

Staying positive allows you to fight every situation and helps you stay healthy.


There have been bad times like this pandemic in the past also. The World didn’t stop then and won’t stop now also. The only way of fighting this disease is by following the SOPS and taking care of your health. Following the above steps will help you stay fit during the Covid-19 crisis.