Best Apps to Track Weight Loss and your Results

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By Olivia
Last updated: April 06, 2020
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Losing weight is the most tedious task ever. But don’t worry when it comes to tracking our calories and finding the results, we all are on the same page. Though with such technological advancements keeping a food journal has become very much handy and easy.

Today, we find a lot of apps on Play store or App store that can help us track our weight loss journey. We all know that losing weight itself is the most horrendous task, and writing down our calories is just so irritating all at once. Yet, these apps could be our gym buddy.

It becomes a lot easier to calculate and track the calorie intake as well as calorie burn by using these great apps for our survival throughout the journey. You can turn your Android or iPhone into a personal trainer or a dietician without even paying a lump sum amount.

Whether you want to get in shape or have a healthy lifestyle, you can use these smart apps at your disposal. As you move forward towards your goal these apps will guide you through the whole process with every tiny bit of information that is required.

I have personally collected the list of best apps that you can use to keep the stubborn fat off of you;


Lose is the free app that is available on Appstore as well as on the Play store. This app is really wonderful and helps a lot in achieving your weight loss target. This tool is available as a website too so that you can easily track your progress on a laptop.

The best feature of this app is that you can interact with other people using the app as well that will motivate you to lose weight together. Also, it gives a lot of information regarding all types of food, so that you choose very wisely.

Lose it also helps you in making a personalized diet plan with your daily goals of calorie intake. The app has access to a verified database of food information and can easily help you track your calories no matter what you eat.

One interesting feature of this app is that it has lots of recipes for healthy food. Moreover, if you can use a UPC to add food and find its information. Lose it also connects to the other apps such as, RunKeeper, Nike+ that help you in tracking all of your fitness data with much ease.

So, hurry up and create your daily goals with your friends or challenge them. Do whatever you need to do .

2) MyFitnessPal

Another most commonly used app is MyFitnessPal. It is my personal favorite as it has the details of almost every sort of food cuisines. It is the best app that helps you track the food intake and the calories burned in an exercise.

Moreover, it has the feature of communicating with your friends and sharing the daily goals among the groups just like to Lose it. This app is basically owned by Under Armour and a central part of how I lost 25 pounds last year.

This app gives you very easy access to zillions of food items that have been stored in its database. The app is available on both Appstore and Play store. Also, it is available for Blackberry and Windows Phone too.

The app service is 100 percent free to use.

The app has a dashboard makes it very easy to log in all the details and create a personalized diet profile that aids you in setting up a healthy diet goal along with a healthy exercise goal.

There is also an option to connect or be friends with the other users and connect with the other users for support and daily motivation.

Moreover, MyFitnessPal can connect with several apps and accessories without any hassle. Some of the apps it could connect to are: Runtastic, Fitbit, Endomondo, Withings, Pact, Jawbone UP, and etcetera that helps you track your daily weight loss progress with the specialized apps and accessories.

There is also an Apple Watch app and you can even sync with the Bowflex Max Trainer very easily.

3) Pact

The third best app is Pact. A Pact is a free app which helps you to stay in track of your fitness regime. It motivates you to exercise a lot and intake lots and lots of veggies. It also allows you to log your food by putting some money on the line.

The app allows you to choose how much you want to put on each Pact that you make. If you fulfill all the tasks you promised to do, you can earn money with the app from $0.30 to $5 a week, which is another motivation for you.

However, if you are not willing to count your calories, then there is a very interesting alternative which turns this activity from something you might do after you have eaten, to a meal planning approach that is very proactive.

4) DietHero

DietHero is another best app with one of the most interesting features that makes it very unique. It allows you to input all the food details which you like and the list of food that you have at the moment and the app will tell you what to eat and how much to eat.

If you have few things at home and you are lazy to go to the market, the app can easily adjust to the ingredients present and will guide you the recipe of something scrumptious as well as very healthy.

If something good does not come up, then you can choose another recipe or just swap the particular ingredient out and the app will smartly choose a protein for a protein and a carb for a carb.

Also, the app asks for your basic info that includes your height, weight, and gender, along with the amount of weight you have planned to lose. Based on your Info the app will tell you what you should eat and how much quantity you must consume so that you can easily meet your daily goals.