Best Tips of Timeless Beauty for Women of Every Age

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By Olivia
Last updated: April 06, 2020
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Have you ever wanted to freeze the time and stay beautiful forever? Or have you ever wished for not losing your radiance with the growing age?

If YESS!! Then you have to read this blog for some best beauty tips that will enlighten you to stay beautiful forever.

Imagine the most the age of the most beautiful women you have known, no matter what her age is you will notice that it’s her genuine smile and candor that makes her beautiful. She is no slave to the passing fashion trends. However, rounding up to some timeless beauty tips we came up with the following guidelines that will enhance your radiance.

Stop throwing money on makeup, instead, try to invest on your skin

Your skin should always be your priority. Hiding flaws with makeup should always be an alternative; however, you must work on repairing the damages not hiding it.

According to the French Women,

“If you take care of your skin, you’ve got less repair and cover-work to do down the line.”

Moreover, a good skincare regime enhances your inner beauty along with your confidence. You must learn to cleanse and tone your skin every night. For that option for the herbal and light products that do less damage to your skin.

Use Organic creams that gives glows complexion and is a very fancy way of pampering your skin. Though, do not forget to keep your body hydrated. Water is the most natural way of making your skin glow and repairing it. The more you drink water, the more radiant you look.

No makeup while you sleep

I know a little bit of makeup is a necessity for all of us, during a party or a get-together. Sometimes we feel so lazy to remove the makeup and sleep. But, the very next day we regret our tardiness.

If you don’t wash your face before sleeping, the dust and the chemicals encountered all day will harm your face and will gladly damage your skin cells, leaving an itchy skin or a rash. It’s basically like your face being damaged twice as over the time, this breaks down the collagen in your skin quickly.

Also, you should know that makeup clog the pores of your skin that is one additional cause of breakouts and acne. So that is the reason I always keep makeup wipes in my bag. You never know when you might need to doze off.

Sunscreen should be Handy

The cruel harsh sun rays are always attacking your skin. As if, skin diseases aren’t enough of the reason to wear the sunscreen, premature aging adds up to the list as well.

According to the American Academy of the Dermatology, SPF 30 or higher should be used to protect the skin from damage while you wander under the sunlight or relax in a poolside area.

But again, go for a mild sunscreen not the one with harsh chemicals. Your goal is to pamper your skin not to overdose it with chemicals.

Eat Healthily

Everyone has heard the phrase that it is inside what matters the most, but have you ever try to reflect upon that. Do you that your skin depicts your eating habits; if you have a healthy eating habit then you will never regret your choice.

There are a lot of things that can help you nourish your body as well as your skin. You just have to make a healthy choice. A lot of things help your body to flourish in health and its longevity, inclusive of the glowing skin, nails, and hair.

A lot of fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants that elevate the turnover rate of your body cells. Moreover, fish is a very heavy dose of omega-3 fatty acids that decrease the inflammation and gives you beautiful skin and hair.

Just remember to eat healthily and you will definitely kill with the looks of yours.

Moisturizing should be your Mantra

Keeping the moisture alive is a very good thing. Moisturizing your skin any time of the day is good but the best time to moisturize is after a shower. When the skin is wet, the pores are open, which means the skin can easily hold up more moisture than it would otherwise.


Embrace yourself

Always remember your inner confidence brings out the outer radiance.

Beauty trends come and go. No matter long hairs are in fashion or flashy eye makeup is. All of these fads are practiced for a limited time. But the real beauty remains if you take good care of yourself and embrace yourself. However, there are still some guidelines you need to heed;

Never rinse your hair with hot water, opt for the cold water as it seals the cuticles and gives shiny hair.

Though in the last few decades several eyebrow trends have emerged. But personally, I feel like you should not play with the natural peak of your brow. It gives a natural look.

The lower lash mascara is the worst choice to make, this is due to the fact it enhances the dark area under the eye and you end up looking sleep deprived.

Want to make your perfume last a little longer. Then the secret is to first dab petroleum jelly on the spots you apply perfume and then spray the fragrance. I assure you the result is long-lasting.

If you want to have a toned body then worry not, the trick is to increase your blood circulation. I would recommend 15 minutes Yoga for that.

Shaving with the Conditioner

Have you ever tried the shave with a conditioner? It is the best alternative as conditioner softens the hair on your body and makes it really easy to shave giving you as very silky smooth feel.

Try Rinsing your Hair with Vinegar

Rinsing your hair with the vinegar aids in moisturizing the locks and give a natural shine to it. Soak your hair in the liquid for a few minutes and then rinse it with the cold water.

Lighten your Hair with the Chamomile Tea and Lemon Juice

According to the very famous hair stylist Popie Poulos, rinsing your hair with the mixture of chamomile and fresh lemon juice permanently lighten the tresses. The key is to dry your hair while sitting in the sun, the heat will lighten the locks.

Use Raw Potatoes to De-Puff the Eyes

According to Dr.Frances Jang, the Skin Work’s dermatologist using a raw potato to soothe the eyes is a brilliant way to get rid of dark circles and puffiness.  It is because the raw potatoes have astringent that help in decreasing water retention. Also, it has the enzyme catalase which lightens the darkness under the eye.

The method is to first, wash and peel a potato. Cut the slices out and place it on an eye like a patch for at least 10 minutes. Lay down and relax and let the potato work its magic. After 10 minutes, rinse your eye with lukewarm water.

Toothpaste to Zap the Pimples

According to the dermatologists applying a bit of toothpaste on a pimple before bed and then washing it in the morning using warm water can get rid of your pimple issue.

The toothpaste is capable of drawing out the impurities from clogged pores and it also aids in drying out the skin which shrinks the pimple. However, it is still better to opt for organic kinds of toothpaste rather than the gel kinds of toothpaste.

Blot Away the Excess Oil

Do you ever feel that in the morning you have almost flawless and perfect skin with the matte and fresh look, but when the clock ticking your face becomes a shiny mess with excessive oil?

Worry not if you have oily skin then blotting paper is the godsend beauty product for you. Never ever use powders to soak the oil on your face. As it will make your skin cakey with several layers of makeup on it, use blotting papers instead, it will soak away all the oil.

My personal favorite is Sephora’s blotting paper. I would highly recommend it.

Don’t let your hair color Fade

If you have dyed your hair the last thing is to preserve it for a long time with minimum damage. The easiest way to prevent the fading of color is to use a deep-conditioning treatment once a month. This helps to lock the color with an added benefit of getting rid of the dry and damaged locks.

Exfoliate Your Lips

Every girl knows the struggle of applying a lip color on dry, flaky, and chapped lips. However, if you want that your puckers are in perfect condition, I would recommend that you make a habit of exfoliating on a daily basis.

To exfoliate your lips you can use a lip balm or a scrub. After applying a lip balm use a toothbrush or mascara brush to get rid of the dead skin on your lips. Then use a tissue and wipe it off. I guarantee you will not regret this at all.

Exfoliate Daily

If you can exfoliate your lips so why not the other body parts?

Exfoliation is the most basic method of getting rid of the dead skin cells. Moreover, it buffs away the dead part of your skin and gives it a natural glow.

Use a mild exfoliator to freshen up your face daily.

Camouflage the Grey Hair

Every now and then you might want to camouflage your grey hair for sudden parties or meet ups. Instead of using any harsh formula go easy on your hair and use a little mascara to camouflage the grey hair.

Note: If you are a blonde or redhead then try dusting the roots with a bronzer.

Say no to Expensive Pedicures

Save your lump sum by taking good care of your feet at home on a daily basis. Just simply scrub your feet with a pumice stone daily while taking a shower. Once you are out of the shower just dry off your feet and moisturize it, like the other body parts.

This routine will definitely save you the visit to the spas, moreover, it will keep your feet healthy and fungus-free.

Use of the Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoos have become one of the most favorite products of the century. It is easy to use and aids in absorbing the excess oil on the scalp, thus keeping your mane clean and fresh.

The alternate of dry shampoo is to wash your head from the roots with regular shampoo and then quickly blow drying it. The tresses of your hair will look as good as new.

Use Oil Even If you already got an oily skin

This might sound really crazy to you, but trust me using an oil-based product for makeup removal or excess dirt from the skin can help in improving the epidermis condition.

Want to know why? Keep reading….

Over cleaning your skin stimulates the sebum glands that cause the skin to produce oil. However, if you use the oil-based products the effect will be the opposite.

So these were some beauty tips for timeless radiance and health. However, you must always carry yourself with a certain confidence that will eventually show the inner beauty you possess. Smile your way through the problems and you are good to go.