Ideas for Caliber Home and Living

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By Olivia
Last updated: April 06, 2020
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Ideas for Caliber Home and Living

Everyone has a dream house that provides luxury and comfort altogether. Some people hire designers to make their dream come true, while others just work on their wild imagination.

You might think that the designers have a secret rule book to follow, but let me break it to you there is no hard and fast rule of decorating your haven. We all can be very creative by nature and can bear fruitful results.

Ideas to design a caliber home for a living doesn’t require skills that time to take the master. Anyone can give the best shot and come up with the most creative work of art. Just try to stay natural and build up your own quirky, yet rule-breaking intuition.

However, here are some ideas to guide you through.

Don’t haste in picking up the wall colors

A lot of us picks up the paint before we even move into our new place. This is because everyone wants to start anew and when you move into a new house the smell of fresh paint is a warm welcome. Though, in my opinion, it is not ideal to paint the walls before you move in.

Today, there are thousands of options for wall designs. One can either use wallpaper thousands of paint colors with a variety of wall art. There is a whole new world when it comes to the shades, tones and the color hues, a lot of difficult decision to make.

Each color or wall art is distinct and each wall of the house should be treated differently as light sources vary from room to room. Undoubtedly, all of us want the best color that complements the rug, upholstery, or artwork within the room.

So, ponder really hard on your decision and come up with the best wall art for your home.

Do not Overcrowd the Furniture

We all have seen a lot of vintage homes that are overcrowded with lots and lots of furniture, that seems rather unpleasant, isn’t it?

In my opinion, the gracious living room is the spacious one to maneuver with ease. This is also a piece of good news for you if you have a very strict budget to decorate your home. It is unnecessary to fill up the empty space with furniture, instead try to spend money on very little but quality things that add splendor to your place.
A lot of options are available in the flea markets, where you might get the best choices to pick from.

Mix and Match

Mix up the textures and the patterns and the textures. Mix up the old and the new. Mix up the expensive and the inexpensive.

There is nothing wrong in placing the family heirlooms with the modern couches. All creative designers and interior decorators will tell you that reflecting your personality is the best way to decorate your home with style.

The antique desk on the center of a hall shows your taste in art. The colorful couches in the living room show the fun you. There is no wrong in incorporating the old and the new, both can co-exist beautifully.

With different types of fabrics or the furniture of varied colors, your home can give warmth and coziness.

Wall hangings must be at accurate

Sometimes the wall-hangings are hanged at a very wrong angle, which gives a bad impression.

Yes, you heard it right…The angle of wall-hanging is very important to the looks of your place.

Museums and galleries usually hang the artwork in the very center with a distance of 57 to 60 inches from the floor, as the average human eye level is 57 inches. Hence, you should opt for the same.

However, in rooms where the ceiling is a bit high, the wall hangings can be hanged a little bit higher. But do not forget that it still needs to be on a human scale, not at the structure’s scale.

How to arrange the furniture on a rug or a centerpiece

There can be three ways to arrange any furniture on a rug or a centerpiece;

1. All on it: There are rugs and centerpieces that are large enough to place the whole furniture on it. These type of rugs and centerpieces gives a luxurious look. Just make sure that at least the borders rug are left out to be seen.

2. All of it: If you want to have a rug in a small room, then it is better to keep the legs of the furniture off the rug. However, it is always recommended not to go for the smaller rugs as it may look unnecessary.

3. Front on: Another way is to just put the front feet of the seating pieces on the rug to create a very refined and well-defined space, yet giving an aura of openness.

Don’t go all gaga with the Decorative

Having a theme dedicated to your room is a very impressive work of art and needs thoughtful designing. But imagine having red bead board, paintings, furniture, carpet, drapes or etc…It might give a shabby look to your room.

If you want to have a themed room opt for cool colors such as light blue or any combination with white. Such as a blue and white nautical palette, with the sailboat paintings can give an airy and coastal vibe to your place.

Create some focal points

While designing your home there must be some center attraction that is liked by everyone. The focal point can be any small aspect of your home, whether it be your kitchen hood or a mantelpiece in the drawing room.

The small collectible of stones or vintage art is the best example that you can find in a flea market if you hit your luck hard. The fireplace can be another focal point or a mini bar near the kitchen.

Always remember that your focal point should be free and clear and gives an elegant look. In my opinion, a garden sight from the corner of a living room with two chairs and a center table is the best and the most relaxing focal point one can ever have.

Don’t Compromise on your collectibles

Never hang on to the piece that doesn’t fit your precious room. It doesn’t matter if your uncle gave you a wall-hanging on housewarming party if it doesn’t fit then never use it. Keep it for a different room but never ever compromise on your collectibles.

Balance your Judgement

It is possible that what might look good in a store, will look very boorish in your home, or it’s just so small that no one notices it. So always balance your judgment and buy with scale and proportion.

The over-sized mirror frame might look elegant in the store and fills up the wall space very nicely, while the small showpieces on the vintage table below might look insignificant.

Add lots of lighting in your space

Adding more light to your home gives a very attractive look, however, you should opt for the dim lighting in the kitchen seating area and vibrant lighting in the living room. The artwork can also be highlighted by using back-splash lighting.

The central lighting fixture will also give the attractive, yet dramatic result.

Many professional designers use layers of lighting to create the wanted aura and coziness. In a room where there is even lighting, nothing stands out. Therefore, it is recommended to pick a focal point and perhaps another secondary focal point to highlight the wanted areas.

You can add ambient lighting and some lower lighting, like table lamps, for a dramatic look.

Make use of decorative mirrors to add up instant lighting to your living space.

Mirrors are usually used to make a room look more spacious, however, a lot of people do not know that mirrors can also give some mesmerizing lighting effects.

For large rooms or any room with very limited natural light, mirrors can be placed across the windows, to add up the instant light and give a radiant look to the room.

Decorative mirrors are also used in lieu of art to fill the empty space on the wall. Also, mirrors give dimension to your house.

Be bold

Be bold in the choices you make. Your choice shows your personality. The space you create around you will be your statement. The more you work upon your choices the more options will open up to you.

Add up something unique and unexpected element to your haven for drama. Such as the unconventional ottoman seats, bookshelves like a library or an exquisite chandelier in one living room will enhance its elegance.

Opt for a little more comfortable

A lot of people think that slipcovers might look tacky but it is truly wonderful to decorate your home. It can really change the furniture’s look reflecting all the seasons. Moreover, you can easily remove the coverings, which allow you to give a sophisticated look without constantly worrying about anything.

Slipcovers are always ideal for children rooms. Also, the white slip-covered couches give an elegant and comfortable look.

Add hangings to your kitchen

Kitchens must be warm, cozy and inviting. Because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it be to prepare meals, serve it or entertaining the guests. The most elegant way of decorating the kitchens is to use hanging pots.

Moreover, you can use additional cupboards and pot hangers to give your kitchen the look of elegance. Also, replacing the traditional stoves and ovens with modern once will give you the best kitchen look.

Go Green

Adding lots of plants to your living space will give a real fresh aura. I personally try to add plants in every room, whether it be small or large. Plants are very inexpensive and are the easiest way to decorate space, Moreover, using colorful pots adds up to the textures.

Not only plants look beautiful, but it keeps the air fresh and balances the humidity. It absorbs the pollutants and eliminates the harmful gases from the surroundings. So, in my opinion, no home should be without these wonderful greens!

Getting started after some guidelines will help you start with scratch and decorating your home won’t be a difficult task anymore. Though, I would recommend to always define your style statement, which gives you comfort.

Note that overly designed rooms is a poor display and seems overcrowded. A haphazard art arrangement depicts a poor taste in style. Smaller rooms should be painted in softer and lighter colors to make it look larger.