Things To Consider When Buying A Pair Of Ear Buds

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By Olivia
Last updated: April 06, 2020
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For the past couple of years, Technology has changed a lot. The world has made incredible advances in the field of technology. From hybrid cars to smartphones everything has changed. Earbuds are simply one of the most incredible inventions in our life.

Wireless earbuds are a small piece of device which lets you listen to music, call and other sounds just like traditional headphones. Since headphones are difficult to carry and are not wireless, therefore they are not much preferred now.

Earbuds don’t have a wire with them making them comfortable. Earbuds are a thing people use in their daily life. Some use while walking, some while driving and some while exercising.

Now the question which comes in everyone’s mind is what to look for when buying earphones or earbuds? Below is a wireless earbuds buying guide:

1) Price:

Don’t go out for the cheap prices. There are some cheap earbuds available in the market but avoid them. Good quality earbuds don’t come at low prices. A good earbud needs a high-quality Bluetooth chip and some high-power battery in order to work for longer periods.

Good quality doesn’t come at a low price, so better pay more than to suffer.

2) Comfort:

You need a comfortable pair of earbuds so that you can put them easily in your ears. Don’t just get inspired by the design or the quality, keep the comfort in mind also. Keep the earbuds for around 20 minutes to get an idea about comfort.

There’s no point in buying something which you cannot use properly.

3) Codecs:

Look out the codecs that the earbuds support. Look for AAC support if you’re an Apple user. Most models work only with SBC, a codec that doesn’t-support high resolution music.

Buying earbuds that only support SBC or LDAC is a waste of money and time.

4) Ear-Tips:

Don’t go for the silicon ear tips earbuds as they are small or shallow and doesn’t form a good seal with your ear canal, and you will never get a quality sound. Also, the external noise will disturb you a lot.

5) Battery Capacity:

Imagine you’re walking listening to music and suddenly the earbuds get off due to low battery. You won’t want that happening. Most manufacturers provide playing time of 3 to 5 hours. However, it’s not true, you can count on 80% of that playing time.  

Once the power is used up the earbuds need to be charged in their charging case. Check for the charging case battery, as it should charge your earbuds 3 to 4 times before they need recharge themselves.

6) Connectivity:

Since earbuds are connected through Bluetooth so check out for the Bluetooth version as well. Bluetooth v5.0 is the latest version, however, not all earbuds are supporting it now. Having a high Bluetooth version ensures that your device uses less power, therefore the sound quality would be better. Don’t settle for anything below v4.0.

7) Control:

Look out for the controls if you’re buying an expensive earbud. These controls include control pads or buttons which can be used to increase volume, pick-up calls, skip a track, etc. Cheaper earbuds don’t have any controls. So better buy the one which has controls so that you don’t have to take out your phone all the time.

8) Noise Cancelling:

Look for the earbuds which offer a noise-canceling feature. The Noise-cancelling feature allows you to listen to the sound properly from the earbuds as it cancels the external sound automatically.

9) Sweat Resistant:

If you listen to music while jogging or working out at the gym, then you should go for sweat-resistant earbuds. These types of earbuds block out moisture from the sweat.

10) Sensitivity:

It means how loud the earbuds can go. For safe listening go for earbuds with a mid-range level frequency. Anything above this limit can hurt your ears so better avoid it.


Above is the best how to buy earphones guide. Earbuds are great for listening to music without the hassle of a cable. The only disadvantage is the charging, as you must keep them charged as compared to the wired one which works directly. Before you buy a pair of earbuds now go through the above points to get the best one.