Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) put in plain words how CouponsDrive, (“CouponsDrive”, “us”, “our” and “we”), utilizes information granted us. This privacy policy pertains to all consumers of CouponsDrive website

If you do not consent to these practices, please do not subscribe, or interrelate with the services.

We have categorized Privacy Policy as follows:

  • User Information
  • Private Information
  • How CouponsDrive uses private information
  • Users Choice
  • Safety of Private Information
  • Modification in Privacy Policy

User Information

User information assists us to communicate with you, like your name, postal addresses, email addresses so you get interactions from CouponsDrive. User information makes the relationship to know and corresponds for types of stores, products and advertisements you might like.

Private Information

You may be probing Personal Information when you subscribe, or interrelate with the services or make contact with couponsdrive. We can see the path of the coupons you view, submit or redeem, and the comments you create to the round-table place of work through the services from time to time. If needed, we may exercise cookies and linked expertise to gather information about your PC and interrelation with the services and our e-commerce partner sites.

How CouponsDrive uses private information

CouponsDrive uses private information to work and get better its services we offer users with advertisements for products and services from merchants with coupons. CouponsDrive assess eligibility of consumer for coupons, goods and services. We follow links salvation of coupons and execute other analytics. We give consumer assistance, as well as for traders or commerce associates. We accomplish and follow requests for CouponsDrive services. We correspond and give further information which may be concerned for you. We create user profiles that may contain inferences. We bring the ideas which may keep in front of you and to which you agree.

Users Choice

We believe in free will of users to give particulars to CouponsDrive, and you may stop the association with CouponsDrive.

Safety of Private Information

Likewise, normally acknowledged e-commerce values for the security of the Private Information you give we repeatedly observe its security. There is no way for the electronic storage to make it hundred percent safe, however. For this, there is no assurance that particulars cannot be accessed by violation of any of our safeguards.

Modification in Privacy Policy

We may renew this privacy policy time to time to imitate new or diverse privacy practices. We will endorse your review of this page for the most recent information about our privacy practices.