10 Best Halloween Costumes

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Last updated: February 28, 2022
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10 Best Halloween Costumes


Halloween is the best holiday and the best event of every year. Hundreds of people dress in funky costumes and do scary makeup to make themselves look the best. People spend hundreds of dollars each year on Halloween celebrations and Halloween costumes.

According to the National Retail Federation(NRF), an average person spent $86.27 on their Halloween costumes in 2019. The Halloween costumes vary from age to gender; for example, kids look to wear superhero costumes, while women like to dress like witches. On the other hand, men like to dress like zombies or clowns.

However, Covid-19 has not lowered people’s excitement. People have already started saving money for their makeup and costumes, while some have even started searching for the best Halloween costumes.

Since many costumes are taken from movies of that year, but due to the pandemic, many films have not been released, that's why many people are confused in choosing the best Halloween costume. Now don't worry as you can find out some of the best Halloween costumes for 2022 in this guide.

History Of Halloween:

The history of Halloween lies back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. The people of that time celebrated Samhain because they thought it was the day when the dead's ghosts return to Earth. From that time, Halloween has become a traditional event and is celebrated all around the World.

However, still, many countries like Mexico, Great Britain, China don't celebrate Halloween.

The Best Halloween Costumes:

Many people ask that what are the best Halloween costumes? Below you can find out the top 10 Halloween costumes:

1) Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Bat Costume:

This costume is one of the best costumes for women. The costume is a front fleece dress in black color. It has an awesome furry ear hood and bat wing sleeves.

Womens Bat Costume


2) Anyone From Tiger King:

Tiger King was a Netflix show that provided relief and fun to people during the lockdown days. The show revolves around Carol Baskin and her husband. Apart from fun and relief, the show provided a lot of fashion ideas.

There are plenty of Halloween costumes that might come around this year from this show. Joe Exotic wore this animal print shirt in the Tiger King show. This shirt is suitable for this year's Halloween and will look perfect if dressed in proper accessories.

Tiger King Floral Shirt


3) Rubie’s Costume Adult Black Hooded Cape:

Are you looking for some funny Halloween costumes? Stop searching now as this Rubie's costume adult black hooded cape is the best funny Halloween costume for this year. It is a full-length hooded cape made with 100% polyester; if you want to look spooky and funny, this costume might be the best fit.

4) California Costumes Men’s Horror Robe Costume:

Every man wants to look the spookiest every Halloween. Now make yourself look the creepiest by buying this California Costumes Horror robe costume. This costume is the best Halloween outfit and comes with a hooded robe and attached face through cover.

This robe is designed for adults and is best suited for men. Wear it along-with shoes and gloves and make yourself look the best this Halloween.

california costumes horror robe costume


5) Dreamgirl Men’s King Of Egypt King Tut Costume:

Go back in the ancient old days by wearing this costume. The costume is inspired by the mighty King of Egypt, who always got what he desired. The costume comes with an Egyptian collar, wrist gauntlets, sleeveless shirt, Egyptian headpiece, the eye of Horus necklace, and Shendyt Skirt.

Wearing this costume will make you look unique and stylish on this year’s Halloween.

Dreamgirl Kings Costume


6) Joaquin Phoenix Joker 2019 Costume:

Joker was the most hyped movie of 2019 after endgame. Still, many songs and dialogues of Joker are listened to and said today in 2022. Joaquin Phoenix wore this coat costume in the Joker movie. This costume is a 4-piece suit made with cotton, Polyester, and Satin.

The costume features a coat, shirt, pants, and vests. It is the best Halloween outfit. Wearing this will make you feel like the Joker.

7) Avengers Endgame Iron-Man Costume And Mask:

The famous superhero of all people, especially children, "The iron-man." Iron-man is an avenger whose role was played by Tony Stark. People love Tony Stark because he was a genius and a funny person.

Tony Stark won many hearts after his performance in Avengers Endgame. Due to his popularity, the costume of the Iron man is also famous. This Iron man's Avengers Endgame costume is one of the best Halloween costumes.

The costume is made from 100% Polyester and has a mask along-with it. This costume is a replica of the original Avengers Endgame Iron man cosplay and is the most loved Halloween costume by children.

Iron Man Endgame Costume


8) Rubie’s Men’s Deadpool Costume:

Inspired from Deadpool's movie, this costume comes in the list of best Halloween costumes. This costume is famous for many years and is sold out in huge quantities each year.

The costume comes in red and black color; wearing this costume will make you feel like the real Deadpool.

deadpool costume

9) COSKING deluxe Wonder Woman Costume:

The famous superhero woman of this era, "the wonder-woman." Wonder woman is a character owned by DC and is very famous among girls. Other than girls, the character is also liked by men.

This wonder-woman costume is trendy among women and makes hundreds of sales every year. The costume is exactly like the real one and includes all the accessories.

This costume is the best cosplay costume for women this Halloween.

wonderwoman costume


10) Rubie’s The Nun Movie Scary Costume:

Halloween is incomplete without scaring others. People search out for the scariest costume every year. The Nun is a famous horror movie and scared many people on its release. This Nun's outfit is inspired by the nun movie to make you look the scariest.

Wearing this costume will allow you to scare your friends and family members easily. The costume is made from polyester.

the nun costume



Above are listed the top 10 best Halloween costumes. Besides these costumes, there are a lot of other costumes available in the market. Many stores provide different Halloween outfits and costumes, but according to our review, Amazon is the best place to buy the best Halloween costumes for 2022. Since on Amazon, you can find all the latest and best costumes in one place and at the best price.