Last updated: June 17, 2022
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You might be thinking, why do ‘I’ need a football machine but let me tell you, this is exactly what you need. If you want to become the next Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, or Aaron Rogers, you need A LOT of practice. These machines are designed by experienced engineers to imitate the actual NFL throws, punts, kickoffs, long snaps, direct passes, onside kicks, etc. football machines are now considered a significant part of every football team. It helps the player get the competitive edge they need. Isn’t it amazing? A machine throwing a ball towards you for as long as you want. 

When looking for the top football throwing machines on the market, kickoff distance, throwing distance, hang time, and machine weight are all key elements to consider. When you mix in price disparities, mobility difficulties, and other factors, there’s even more to consider before buying a football throwing machine.

It is not a shocker that only a few companies produce the best football machines. But don’t worry, this post is about the best devices. We will assist you in finding the best football throwing machine you and your squad desire.

1. Snap Attack Football Throwing Machine by Sports Attack

The Snap Attack is comparable in price, but it is designed to work flawlessly for years, if not decades. This football throwing machine, designed with input from genuine football coaches, throws, kicks, punts, and snaps the football with near-perfect accuracy, guaranteeing that your team gets the most out of their practice time. The product’s polyurethane throwing wheels, which grab the ball just right before releasing it with straight movement, are significantly responsible for the device’s top-notch accuracy.

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES:                                           

  • Its throwing distance is from 5-to 100 yards. 

  • You can change from passing to snapping positions real quick. 

  • Two powerful speed motors. 

  • Throws all right- and left-handed passes.

It also comes with a 5-year warranty. This means that you can buy it without the tension of it getting it repaired, costing you an arm and a leg.

2. Aerial Attack Football Throwing Machine by Sports Attack

This football throwing machine is intricate and huge, yet the sophisticated design generates the results you want to improve yourself. This machine can perform countless reps and precise reps without the Quarterback. The machine throws long and short passes for the attack and defence. 


  • Steel-plated frame and weather-resistant.

  • Can throw from 50 to 80+ yards.

  • 5-second recovery time.

  • Passes and punts – 80 yards, Kickoffs 70+ yards.

The aerial attack costs $2,999 with a warranty of 2 years. At this price, it is a steal as it has almost the same features as Snap Attack, which costs $3,999.

3. JUGS Football Machine M1700

M1700 is best for passes, kickoffs and punts. It comes with transporting wheel, which makes it easier to move it across the field.  


  • Its throwing distance is 5-80 yards. 

  • Throws up to 600 passes/kicks per hour.

  • Throws long snaps, punts, kickoffs.

  • 360 degrees swivel.

M1700 costs $3,795, which is a bit expensive in terms of its specification. However, if you don’t want an extravagant machine, M1700 is good.

4. JUGS Field General M1750 Football Throwing Machine 

The most amazing thing about M1750 is its eye-catching bright teal colour. This football machine is admired by people worldwide because of its mechanism. It is suitable for both the attack and defence players and is a FIELD GENERAL


  • Throwing distances of up to 60 yards 

  • 5 seconds hang time 

  • 180 degrees swivel 

  • 1/4 hp motor 

The best thing about this machine is its punt and return punt throws. With this throwing speed, you can practice a week’s task in mere 20 minutes, isn’t it cool? This costs $3,495.

5. First Pitch Quarterback Machine:  

The First Pitch Quarterback offers a variety of training options for your squad. It consistently throws beautiful spirals and imitates and punts. The Quarterback is tough enough to be used at home or in a league. 


  • Throws at a range of distances between 20 and 80 yards. 

  • Hanging time is adjustable. 

  • The machine is only 125 pounds. 

  • Two 1/3 hp motors are included in the device, as well as a broad pivot base for multiple drills. 

Quarterback costs $2,199, making it cheaper than all other machines. If you want to buy something low-cost but good, this machine is for you. It comes with a 5 Year Warranty for Teams, Leagues, schools and residential use but with a 1 Year Warranty for Commercial use. 

In short, to become the best player, you need a hell of practice, and with these machines at your disposal, no one can stop you from becoming no.1. With these machines, you don’t need to depend on your friends or teammates to help you practice. Before buying a machine, consider its features, pros, cons, price and warranty.